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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

It is very easy to forget about your air conditioner unit unless a problem occurs, so it’s safe to say it’s even easier to forget about its regular maintenance. In order to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently, you need to have regular tune-ups. Once you understand how preventative maintenance helps, you will be more likely to schedule regular check-ups on your HVAC system.

How Your HVAC System is Serviced

Benefits in servicing your system include increased efficiency and lifespan, increased energy savings, and reduced rates and repairs. All of these benefits tend to go hand in hand. A technician would analyze how your heating and cooling systems operates and what conditions are critical to achieving your maintenance goals, then develop a customized plan for all required service activities associated with your facility or home.

A technician during your maintenance check will also take care of the more mechanical things that need to be done to help your HVAC system. Balancing your refrigerant levels, checking filters and thermostat(s), and monitoring the oiling of the ac compressor and furnace blower are just a few of the things your tech will check during your service.

Too much or too little refrigerant will make your system less efficient increasing energy costs and reducing the life of the equipment. Parts that lack lubrication cause friction in motor and increase the amount of electricity you use. Cleaning the interior of the unit, the condenser coils, and evaporator will continue to keep your system working properly. Filters and coils are both parts that require regular maintenance for your air conditioner to operate effectively. Dirty coils reduce the system’s ability to cool your home and cause the system to run longer.

Your service provider will tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components. Your technician will also inspect the condensate drain in your central air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump (when in cooling mode). A plugged drain can cause water damage in the house and affect indoor humidity levels.

What the homeowner should do to further maintain your HVAC system

As the homeowner there are certain things you can do to help keep your unit in tip top shape such as changing the air filter regularly and making sure your unit isn’t covered or clogged by debris and leaves. When a furnace cycle is on and not being blocked by buildup and at top capacity, it doesn’t waste fuel. Changing air filters once a month in your central air conditioner, furnace, and/ or heat pump will help to lengthen the lifespan of your unit. Your contractor can show you how to do this. Making sure all of these components are taken care of reduces the risk of your system, going out when you need it most or when you least expected, therefore saving you money that would have been lost in all of the repairs.
You should have your system checked at least once a year. The units that are not inspected regularly will lose roughly 5% of their efficiency each year, which means that your unit is working harder and being less effective. When a system runs efficiently, it reduces energy usages and cost. While maintenance won’t guarantee that you won’t have to repair the system, it goes a long way toward helping you avoid it.
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