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Air Duct Cleaning

Replacing your air conditioner filters is good for the health of your ac, but what about the health of your loved ones? When we see dust on our furniture, whether it’s for cleanliness or health reasons, we usually ‘dust’ or wipe it off. Having your air ducts cleaned is a good “house cleaning” for your HVAC system. Dust and moisture build up can turn your ducts into a breeding ground for mold and other dangerous microbes. Even the use of chemical products in our homes can have adverse affects on our health. Modern day homes have tightly-sealed windows, limiting our exposure to fresh air. Air circulates through your HVAC system, blows from your vents, and then re-circulates several times a day. That means airborne irritants and pollutants are repeatedly delivered into your home, and into the air you inhale. This can be especially harmful to children, to the elderly, and to those who suffer from allergies or other health conditions, such as asthma.

Air duct cleaning can help improve the overall air quality inside your home, but if you are unclear as to whether or not to have your ducts cleaned, here are some questions to help guide you:

  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or other health conditions, such as asthma?
  • Have heavy chemical products been used in your home recently (i.e. carpet and/or upholstery cleaning products)?
  • Is either your home or air conditioner brand new or very old?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, it may be time to have your ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning can help improve the air quality inside your home. Whether it’s an older home where dust and moisture are the problem, or a newly built home where sawdust & drywall particles can be the culprit, American Comfort Experts offers thorough, professional air duct inspections and estimates to families in the Cypress area. Contact us Today.