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5 Tips To Keep Your AC Running Well

Record heat and severe drought in Southeast Texas mean air conditioning use is at an all-time high. So while the heat is burning holes in your yard, your energy bill is also likely burning a hole in your wallet! We depend on air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable. But like many things we depend on for convenience, our air conditioners also require regular upkeep and maintenance. Save money on the front end by following these 5 tips to keep your ac running well.

  1. One of the simplest things you can do to keep your ac unit running at its best is to keep it clean. Keeping your unit free of debris such as branches, leaves, pine needles, plants, or other items, that if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to an ac fan, and ruin the entire unit. Take a few minutes to remove foreign objects that may be hindering your air conditioner’s performance.
  2. During the summer months here in Cypress, chances are your ac is running every day. Each time you use your air conditioner, its filter is working to help protect the unit. AC filters are designed to capture dirt, dust, pollen, and dander. A clogged filter can cause your ac to work harder and increase your overall energy cost, and is also a common culprit for ac service requests. Changing your ac filter on a regular basis is a quick and simple way to help your air conditioner run more smoothly and efficiently. Check your filter about once a month to determine if it needs changing.
  3. Keep outdoor units in the shade, or plant trees, bushes, or shrubs nearby to help shield the air conditioning unit from the sun. The harder your air conditioner has to work to keep cool, the less efficiently it’s operating. This could lead to higher energy costs and ultimately, the need for ac repair. If opting for bushes and shrubbery to aid in shading and cooling your ac, remember that ac vents need to breathe. Try to leave approximately two feet of space between greenery and the air conditioner to ensure maximum airflow which contributes to better performance.
  4. A fairly inexpensive and easy way to get the maximum amount of cool from your ac is to check windows and doors for air leakage. If your air conditioner is on but cool air is escaping from every crack and crevice, it can feel as though your ac is not working at all. Gaps and cracks can be easily sealed with weather stripping. You’re paying for that cool air; keep it indoors where it belongs! Not only will this help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, but it will also help save on your energy bill.
  5. There’s almost nothing worse than an ac breaking down in the middle of a sweltering August night. American Comfort Experts offers 24 hour air conditioning service at no extra charge, but save yourself the trouble and a sleepless night, by having routine maintenance checks. Consider having this done by our trusted professionals every year and join the Comfort Club. ACE pros know where to look for potential problems, catching these before they become major repair headaches. Finding out a belt or other small part needs replacing (at minimal cost) certainly beats paying for major ac repair that can cost you thousands of dollars.