Oil Furnace Repair

oilfurnaceAn oil furnace first pumps oil from a storage tank, which is above or below ground, with a fuel pump. Then the oil goes through a filter and flows into the combustion chamber. It is sprayed through a blast tube, combines with air particles, and is lighted. Afterwards, the flame's heat goes into the heat exchanger, passes through some filters and exits through the chimney. Then the heat is circulated throughout the house through a series of ducts.

My oil furnace isn't running

Myriad amounts of problems are linked to furnace failure, but the most likely cause of it is:

  1. A power or fuel shortage.
  2. The switch is off.
  3. An overloaded motor.
  4. A blocked fuel line.

How ACE can get your furnace to run:

  1. We'll restore tripped circuit breakers or blow fuses or fill your fuel tank.
  2. If the switch is turned off, we'll turn it back on.
  3. We'll reset or replace the motor.
  4. We can clean the filter and oil pump strainer.

My furnace is being really erratic.

With a sporadic furnace, the problem lies within a:

  1. Filthy air filter.
  2. Clogged blower.
  3. Closed or blocked register.
  4. System imbalance.
  5. Dirty burner.
  6. Faulty stack control.

How we can bring the heat to flow again:

  1. We can replace or clean the air filter.
  2. We'll remove and clean the clog.
  3. We'll open or remove anything blocking the register.
  4. We can balance your system.
  5. We can replace or clean the filthy burner.
  6. We can fix or replace the stack control.

There isn't any fire on the burner

Without fires, burners are ineffective and useless. What causes the lack of fire is:

  1. Lack of fuel.
  2. No ignition spark.

How we start the fire:

  1. We'll refill the oil tank.
  2. We'll reset and clean the stack control. If you have electric-eye safety, we'll clean the safety.

blowerThe blower isn't stopping

The problem normally with blowers are within the controls:

  1. The blower control.
  2. The limit switch.

How we make the wind stop:

  1. We'll switch the thermostat from “on” to “auto.”
  2. We'll reset the limit switch.

My furnace is being really noisy

Don't panic; your furnace isn't going to explode. It just needs some adjustments due to:

  1. Access panels that are loose.
  2. Worn, sticking, or damaged belts.
  3. A too loose or too tight blower belt.
  4. A dry motor or blower.
  5. A dirty burner.

How we release the tension:

  1. We can mount or fasten panels correctly.
  2. We can replace, adjust or spray belts with fan belt dressing.
  3. We can adjust the blower belts according to the problem.
  4. Finally, we'll clean the burner in order to satisfy the furnace.
  5. We can clean or replace the burner.

There isn't enough heat coming from my furnace

When the temperature of your house isn't the temperature you want it to be, then there's a:

  1. Dirty air filter.
  2. Clogged blower.
  3. Closed or blocked register.
  4. System imbalance.
  5. Broken or loose blower belt.
  6. Filthy burner.

We can make the right amount of heat coming by:

  1. Replacing or cleaning the air filter.
  2. Cleaning the blower assembly.
  3. Opening the registers.
  4. Balancing the system.
  5. Replacing or adjusting the blower belt.
  6. Replacing or cleaning the burner.

If you have any of these problems, let us know!

We at American Comfort Experts understand that oil furnaces often fail at very inconvenient times. We've built our business on offering excellent service at an excellent rate, at a time that works for you.

American Comfort Experts is located in Katy, TX, so we are in the neighborhood. We are ready to help get your air conditioning back up and running when you need it, not when it is convenient for us!

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