Gas Furnace Repair

gas-furnaceGas furnaces have become the new, more eco-friendly standard in most new homes since it is powered by propane or natural gas. First, the owner sets the lowest temperature they want their house to be. Once the temperature falls below the level, gas begins to flow into the furnace and is ignited into a hot and combusted gas. It goes out of the heat exchanger and outside the house. As air passes the exchange, the motor pulls air from it that then flows through ducts and into the plenum. Then more heat from the combusted gas warms the air that goes flows throughout the house in through vents which heats the house.

Why isn't heat coming from my furnace?

Heat isn't coming from the furnace because:

  1. The pilot light is out.
  2. The fuse or circuit is defective.
  3. The control valve is closed.
  4. The thermostat is incorrectly set or faulty.

How we can turn on the heat:

  1. We can relight the pilot flame or replace the air filter.
  2. We can adjust or replace the fuse or circuit.
  3. We can allow the gas to flow by opening the control valve.
  4. Depending on your situation, we'll reset or repair the thermostat.

Why is there barely any heat coming into my house?

The heat flowing from the furnace to your house is probably inadequate because:

  1. The thermostat's setting is too low.
  2. The blower is loose, damaged or blocked.
  3. The filter or burner is dirty.

How we return everything to normalcy:

  1. We'll raise the temperature or fix or replace the thermostat.
  2. We can replace, fix or unclogged the blower.
  3. We'll clean or replace the burner or filter.

Why is my furnace so erratic?

The furnace is turning on and off too frequently without your consent due to:

  1. A dirty filter.
  2. A clogged blower.
  3. A motor or blower being too dry.

How we make your heat flow:

  1. We can replace the dirty air filter.
  2. We can unstop or replace the blower.
  3. If the problem is with the dryness of the motor or blower, we can adjust or replace the problematic party.

gas-burnerWhy isn't my pilot lighting?

If the pilot flame isn't working, your house won't be able to get heat. The problem of the pilot lies in:

  1. A closed or insufficiently open valve.
  2. The thermocouple is loose or damaged.
  3. The pilot opening is clogged.
  4. The flame is set too low.
  5. The orifice or gas tube is too dirty.

How we ignite the pilot:

  1. We can open the valve.
  2. We can replace or tighten the thermocouple.
  3. We can clear the congested pilot opening.
  4. We can raise the pilot flame.
  5. We can clean or replace the orifice or gas tube.

Why is my furnace being so noisy?

Since the furnace runs on natural gas or propane, it can be very scary for the furnace to be making a lot of noise. But don't worry, these sounds just indicate some problems with your furnace and not an explosion.

  1. A high pitch noise indicates that the bearings need oiling or the belt is slipping.
  2. A low pitch noise means the pilot light needs to be adjusted or the gas burner is dirty.

How we silence the noise:

  1. If there is a high pitched noise, we'll oil the bearings or tighten or replace the belt.
  2. If there is a low pitched noise, we'll either adjust the pilot flame or clean the burner.

Why does my blower keep blowing?

The blower continuously running isn't good for your gas bill or the furnace. This non-stop blowing is because of:

  1. The setting of the fan is set on continuous.
  2. A problematic fan control limit switch (if the thermostat doesn't have fan settings.)

How we can save you money and help you furnace:

  1. We'll change the fan setting to auto.
  2. We'll either replace or reset the switch.

If you have any of these problems, let us know!

We at American Comfort Experts understand that gas furnaces often fail at very inconvenient times. We've built our business on offering excellent service at an excellent rate, at a time that works for you.

American Comfort Experts is located in Katy, TX, so we are in the neighborhood. We are ready to help get your air conditioning back up and running when you need it, not when it is convenient for us!

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