Tips on keeping your house cool
HVAC Tips - AC Tips to Staying Cool
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 17:34

Given the weather reports, it doesn’t seem like Katy, Texas is going to be cooling down anytime soon! In fact, it seems our air conditioners are going to be in full force for at least a few more months. We depend on air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable. But like many things we depend on for convenience, our air conditioners also require regular maintenance and care.

Here are 5 easy tips to keep your air conditioner running well:

Tip 1 - Quick

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature, and leave the switch alone. Constantly turning it on and off can damage your thermostat. And if your thermostat is not functioning properly, your ac won’t work properly. Also, if the fan on your thermostat is constantly running in “on” mode, your system may not be cycling properly. This can cause warm outdoor air to blow into your home. Not good when the object is the keep the house cool! This is an easy step to remember and it doesn’t require much effort or time.

Tip 2 - Simple

During the summer months here in Katy, chances are your ac is running every day. Each time you use your air conditioner, its filter is working to help protect the unit. The filter’s purpose is to trap dust, pollen, and other particles. But over time, these things can build up and necessitate filter replacement. Filters for air conditioners are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at your local hardware store. Changing your ac filter is a simple way to prevent ac problems down the road. Check your filter regularly, and if it’s dirty, change it.

Tip 3 - Easy

Another easy way to help keep your home cool, check windows and doors for air leakage, and seal off those areas where you are losing air. If your air conditioner is on, but cool air is escaping from every little crack and crevice, it can feel as though your ac is not working at all. Gaps and cracks can be easily sealed with weather stripping. So while you’re at the hardware store picking up that replacement filter, grab some. This is fairly inexpensive, yet a very wise investment when it comes to getting the most out of your ac.

Tip 4 - Smart

Help shield the outdoor unit from the heat of the sun, by ensuring it is in a shaded area. Ideally, your air conditioner would be situated on the side of your house/apartment that receives the most shade. But this is not always the case. Plant trees, bushes, or shrubs near the area to help keep the unit shaded and cool, because the harder your air conditioner works to keep cool, the more energy it uses. This can lead to higher energy costs and ultimately, inevitable ac repair. But when planning for landscaping, be sure to allow space near the vents for proper air circulation. This will help facilitate better ac performance.

Tip 5 – Preventive

Every year or so, consider having a trusted ac company come out to assess your system. American Comfort Experts is great and offers 24 hour air conditioning service at no extra charge. But save yourself the trouble of a midnight ac breakdown. They service the Katy area and they can assess the overall health of your HVAC system to identify issues that could potentially lead to major ac problems. American Comfort Experts also specializes in optimizing energy efficiency, so if you’re looking to save money over the long term, consult with an ACE professional. It’s a small price to pay upfront, knowing it will save you the time, money and trouble over the long-run!

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